i’m a makeup artist specializing in natural looking beauty makeup – this is because i think you’re already beautiful! i know everyone sits down in a makeup chair wanting to transform into some other being, but my realistic approach is to make you a more beautiful YOU.

having fun with makeup is key to me, though, and i love experimenting with wild styles, striking new looks and anything out of the ordinary. i have a background in art, which comes in handy for last minute requests for cat scratches, to apply fake tattoos and make them look real, blending tan lines or whatever crazy things get thrown my way.

i have spent a lot of time on film and tv sets in multiple capacities and i understand what role makeup plays in a script and how to keep a look for continuity.

being an actor myself, when i work with actors for their headshot sessions, i know their pain. they want to look just like themselves. but not. so i am very attentive – one of my defining characteristics on any set – and make sure they look good every step of the way, ensuring they can change their look as much as they want. i work quickly and love being under the gun!

i like working in film, television, internet and print – but no matter what, i watch the talent, the monitors and the session to make sure everything is in its place. as a talent, you can focus on your job because you know you look exactly as you should! as a director, you won’t have to worry about shine or stray color!